New Construction

Buying a new construction home or planning to build one?

Buyer representation doesn’t cost you anything…it saves you money! You deserve your own REALTOR to protect and promote your interests. Why have the builder, who is the seller, represent you, when you can have your own representation at no cost? Compensation to a Realtor®, acting on your behalf as a buyer broker, is typically a builder marketing fee built into their annual budgets.


An aggressive buyer broker can help negotiate your offer and ensure you get the best incentives. Just because the builder has “list price” doesn’t mean you need to pay that retail amount. Don’t fall into the trap of going in un-represented and give them everything they are asking for. We always suggest having a home inspection. You would not believe how often serious issues can be found even in new builds! We can make sure the builder corrects any issues prior to ownership transferring. With a new build by a licensed contractor, you automatically have a 2 year warranty on the workmanship. You can check out a builder’s record by going here.


We can help you make the best decisions to ensure you will have the best resale value. A reputable service provider like us can help you select the best lot location, excellent builder, best designs in every areas such as installing stainless handrails and interior décor. You are building for today, but must always remember you may want to sell later. Builders don’t advise you on doing your due diligence. Their minimum disclosures come in the form of the Public Report. You can search the public report for communities built after 1997 online through the Arizona Department of Real Estate public database.


There is so much more to uncover beyond their public report disclosures required by the state.  Search public reports here. WE RECOMMEND NOT SIGNING A CONTRACT FOR A NEW HOME WITHOUT FIRST REVIEWING THE PUBLIC REPORT AND C,C & RS FIRST.


When you hire an agent to represent you as a buyer, you have your own advocate ready to negotiate the best deal and make sure you are getting everything you want. We can even negotiate for you to help with your closing costs.


For more information on buying new homes visit the AZ Dept. of Real Estate website.

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