Buyer Due Dilligence

Whether you are looking for a 2 bedroom luxury apartment or a house, buyers must do their homework and make sure they understand all the terms of a deal before making a decision. And if you’re done with it, you have to look for some ideas on how to improve your bedroom and even the the entire home. It is also wonderful to add a nice rug to the bedroom as they add so much style and comfort. Buyers should make sure their agent supplies them with a hard copy and link to the helpful due diligence information document, prepared by the Arizona association of realtors® called the buyer advisory. The buyer advisory is a living document and it contains many helpful links to guide you through investigating areas of interest and property concerns.

A buyer’s sole right to find any items that may materially or adversely affect their decision to purchase the home is during their inspection period. The default inspection/due diligence period in the Arizona association of realtors® contract is 10 calendar days, but can be longer if agreed upon by all parties in writing.

Here are some helpful links!
Search any subdivision’s public report (for homes built after 1997)

Check out the az dept. Of real estate’s property buyer checklist

Read this if you are purchasing a home

Check out lead-based paint information from the epa

Check out us dept. Of housing and development info

Get maricopa county assessor’s info

Check out arizona’s licensed home inspectors

Check out arizona’s office of pest management! Find out previous termite/wood-destroying organism infestation (called tarfs) and conditions conducive to wood-destroying organism infestation

Review arizona swimming pool barrier requirements (vary by county and municipality)

Look through the arizona board of appraisers

Get septic and other waste water information

Learn about water and well issues

Find scorpion information

Find roof rat information

Find endangered species information

Learn about deaths or felonies at a property. ( always check with local police dept. To check this out if it is important to you)

Learn about possible mold at a property

Check flood plain status

Learn about indoor air quality

Check out soil issues- earth fissures can be an issue in portions of the southeast valley

Make sure your agent supplies you with the last 5 years of insurance claims history on a property. This information may directly impact your insurance premiums. Shop around for insurance during your inspection period. Question the seller about any claims made on the insurance during their ownership that may be discovered on the clue (comprehensive loss underwriting exchange) report.