Matt Hibbard

Matt Hibbard

Matt is one of the many East coast transplants who live in the valley. Matt was born and raised in Southeastern Connecticut. As a boy, Matt played baseball, soccer, ran cross country and was a boy scout. He has a great appreciation for all things nautical. His family had a 30′ sailboat which he never captained, but had to do everything else; scrape and paint the bottom of the boat, tighten the sails, weigh the anchor, wash down the decks, oil the teak, pack the lunches, etc.. BMX bikes were a big part of his childhood. That passion for bikes lives on to today through mountain biking. He has been asked by doctors if he is 12 years old, due to the scratches all over his legs, acquired while mountain biking in the desert.


Matt has lived in the Southeast valley for over 20 years, practically making him a native. He fell in love with the desert because of the beautiful climate. He thinks that Arizona has the best the world has to offer, with the exception of the ocean. When he first moved to Arizona in 1992, he settled in Mesa, with other friends, who were transplants from the East coast. He has lived in Mesa, Tempe, Chandler and has been a Scottsdale resident since 1999. In 1997, he met Jennifer Hibbard, one of the owners of Twins & Co. Realty, and they were married in 2002. In August of 2014, Matt and Jennifer had their first child, a daughter named Valli. In September of 2016, they had their son, Wilder.


Matt was a high-end carpenter for over 20 years. Realizing that age could get the better of him sooner than later, he started looking into following his passion for real estate. He loves construction and architecture and has picked up a lot of real estate knowledge over the last 16 years, from being married to a busy real estate agent.


Matt and Jennifer live in a modern Arthur and Charles Schreiber home in South Scottsdale. Matt’s home designs have been borrowed by fellow neighbors, who have remodeled in a similar fashion. In July 2010, Sunset magazine featured Matt and Jennifer’s home and it still appears in their subscription ads, from time to time. Matt has always loved to help people. This drive stems from his time as a boy scout, his tight-knit family structure and the work ethic he had growing up. Matt would love to assist you with all your real estate needs, in the Phoenix metro area.


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