Sunset Magazine’s 37 Best Towns To Live Your Dream: Scottsdale, AZ “Best Place To Raise Your Kids”

Sunset Magazine’s 37 Best Towns To Live Your Dream: Scottsdale, AZ “Best Place To Raise Your Kids”

I am an avid reader of Sunset Magazine. Every month when it hits my mailbox, I become a dreamer and get so totally inspired. In fact, this month’s issue has me wanting to throw a citrus party, so I can make citrus-inspired recipes from my bounty of fruit. It also makes me want to take a road trip to check out some of the funky new motor lodges in California. There is never a shortage of amazing articles in Sunset Magazine.

The February 2011 issue lists their 37 Best Towns To Live Your Dream. I was hoping to see Scottsdale, AZ on their list, as I slowly flipped the pages, and there it was…

Scottsdale, Arizona: Best Place To Raise Your Kids.

As a native of Arizona and a resident of Scottsdale since 1986 (I was 7 when we moved from Phoenix to Scottsdale), I can honestly say that I loved growing up in Scottsdale. That is why I decided to set my family’s roots in Scottsdale; it’s where I want to raise my own children. I’ve now been a resident of Scottsdale for almost 25 years and plan to live out my years in sunny, beautiful Scottsdale, AZ.

Some of the features that made Scottsdale a prime choice for this nomination:
1. Safe place to live with low crime rates.
2. Scottsdale Unified School district has high graduation rates and it’s standardized test scores are much higher than average state and national levels.
3. Scottsdale is full of outdoor treasures, including the 7.5 mile Scottsdale greenbelt (I run on greenbelt several times a week-I LOVE it) and the McDowell Sonoran Preserve (my mom was the co-founder of the McDowell Sonoran Land Trust in the 1990s)
4. Museums such as the Museum of Scottsdale Contemporary Art offer early education programs for children
5. Lush resorts with aquatic playgrounds for the summer months

The sunset article gives a few facts about Scottsdale:
Population: 235,371
Average home price: $270,000
City acreage set aside for parks: 16%

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-Jennifer Hibbard