John O’Hagan

John O’Hagan, REALTOR, CNE

A Phoenix Arizona native, John O’Hagan has been practicing real estate full time since 2005. A Historic and Mid-Century-Modern home specialist, he also carries the CNE (Certified Negotiation Expert) designation to help his buyers and sellers get the best deals they can.

“Growing up in Phoenix has really shaped who I am as a person. I’ve seen almost every inch of this country in one way or the other, and I always come back home. “

Obsessed with music, John spent his post high school years touring in bands and playing music for a living. Real estate spotting became a great way to pass time in the van on long drives. Some people have birds or flowers, John had houses. “Getting to see California Moderns, NorthWestern tri-levels, Southern plantations, and New York high rises all within a months span really opened my eyes to the different styles we’re lucky enough to have in Phoenix”.

After permanently settling down back at home a career in Real Estate was seamless. Bartending at night while attending the Arizona School of Real Estate and Business, John turned his passion for music into a passion for a new life path. As good friends,Christie and Jenny helped him study for exams and prepped him for his new career. When he passed his exams finals with flying colors, the twins decided to give into his relentless begging and take him on. The new team was born…

John still currently plays music, but with no plans of touring anymore. He lives in a mid-century ranch home in downtown Phoenix with his girlfriend, Alannah. They can be seen walking their pets (a potbelly pig named Emma and a pug named Mischa), going to antique and vintage stores, hiking, doing yoga or martial arts.

John also spends his time remodeling Historic and mid-Century Modern homes, paying close attention to detail and period-appropriateness when breathing new life into them. A life long researcher, John’s knowledge about the much of the history of the cities older neighborhoods has done well for him in his career in real estate. Living and working almost exclusively in these older neighborhoods has made a name for John as a heavy hitter in the Historic and Mid-Century Modern marketplace.

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